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Tech savvy Youngsters are keen to help.
We offer private one-on-one sessions for $55 incl GST

At Youngster.Co we love what we do.

We find great meaning by providing good job opportunities for our youngsters and empowering our elders to use technology better.

By bridging the gap between generations, we bring out the best in each. Youngsters share their digital skills and vitality while elders pass on some wealth and wisdom. We find that both groups gain a greater appreciation for the other.

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I've been learning that young people are very nice, despite everything we hear about them.

Joy Harding

I really enjoy my time with youngsters as they always have something useful to show me.

Bertha Jones

I find youngsters very attentive and can be so helpful. I am not sure my children would have this much patience with me, so I celebrate their virtues.


The young chap has helped me set up video calls with my reading club allowing us to continue even through the sanctioned isolation measures lately.


Youngster is an incredible service for both the young and the old
Youngster taught me to face-time call my family back home

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