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Youngsters are smart, local people who know about current technology.

We can help fix technology and have a chat.

What we do

We create video calls where Youngsters and Elders learn about technology together.

Get tech help from a Youngster now.

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Two elderly people on phones and a youngster smiling with thumbs up displayed


I've been learning that young people are very nice, despite everything we hear about them.

Tony -

Joy Harding

I really enjoy my time with youngsters as they always have something useful to show me.

Joy Harding -

Bertha Jones

I find [Youngsters] very attentive and can be so helpful. I am not sure my children would have this much patience with me, so I celebrate their virtues.

Bertha Jones -

Don Warwick

The young chap has helped me set up video calls with my reading club allowing us to continue even through the sanctioned isolation measures lately.

Don Warwick -


Youngster is an incredible service for both the young and the old
Youngster taught me to face-time call my family back home

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