Feeling isolated by COVID-19?

Savvy youngsters are keen to help.

For any 50+ year olds we offer FREE video calls to help you.

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Two elderly people on phones and a youngster smiling with thumbs up displayed

Mobile phones can be difficult.

Let a youngster help you.

We create virtual sessions where youngsters and elders exchange knowledge.  

Learners build confidence using everyday technology and Youngsters learn empathy and communication skills.

What do youngsters do?

Youngsters are smart, local teenagers who know about current technology.

Youngsters get paid for teaching digital skills to seniors.

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Youngster is an incredible service for both the young and the old
Youngster taught me to face-time call my family back home

Common Questions

What is Youngster.co ?
Youngster.co is an intergenerational service that connects tech savvy juniors, and mature people that need help with technology. Our mission is to create a world where young people are valued, supported and engaged while elders are respected, digitally literate and part of a vibrant community.
How much do I get paid?
Pay is based on the job basis.  We pay the legally required wage based on the age and skill set of the youngster. This is usually between $15 and $20 per hour. Additionally, we pay a bonus based on the feedback we get from the elders.
How does Youngster.co work?
We organise virtual, one on one and small group sessions where youngsters and seniors come together to solve problems elder might have with their technology.
How big is a virtual group session?
A group session is usually 5-30 people. We aim to provide one youngster for every 5 seniors in a group session.
Will my question be solved?
Nearly all questions presented in a group session are answered straight away. Occasionally our youngsters can't answer perfectly, and will need to conduct some brief research to figure it out. We have a range of youngsters in every group meeting, who vary in areas and levels of expertise. It is likely that at least one of them will be able to help you learn about, or solve the issues.
Do you offer One-on-One or virtual sessions?
Yes! The youngster will need to pass a screening test, complete the induction and provide a police check before hand.  To get the most out of a One-on-One, It is recommended that learner has a specific issue to solve, or a skill to learn. A One-on-One session is 60 mins.
How much does it cost for a dedicated session with a youngster?
It costs $55 AUD for an intensive session with an engaged youngster.
Can you run workshops at my library / community space / organisation?
We love bringing employment and tech education to organisations.
Please email us at info@youngster.co

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